Web Design And Script

Web Design And Script
I would to create website about game on web.
it’s Batch Game.
Must use e-currency (Liberty Reserve and perfect money) in play game

We define last 2 or 3 number of batch in LR or PM then who will play game must transfer money and will give batch number of LR or PM.
If last 2 or 3 of batch num as transfer money same number as define will WIN and receive award.

EX.Website define number is “06”. If I will play game, I must transfer money ex.1$ then complete transfer I will give batch num ex. 32451357 .You see “57” not same “06” so Lose Game if batch num 23543421 and website define “21” you will see “21” same “21” so You WIN and will receive award .

***Number was define by random or admin define.
***Number was define will change every hours refer by server time.
***If have who WIN , Number will change auto.
***award pay instant or admin pay manual.

So I want Web design and script(PHP)
1.admin zone
1.1)admin can define number 2 or 3 or 4 ex. xx,xxx,xxxx .
1.2)admin can change,add award and money will play game.
ex. transfer 1$ If WIN will receive award 10$ .
1.3)admin can add,change plan to play
ex. plan1 : xx(define ex.”32″)transfer 1$ WIN award 10$
plan2 : xxx(define ex.”436″)transfer 5$ WIN award 50$
1.4)admin can check who transfer money how much , who receive award how much and total money transfer and total pay award
1.5)admin can choose will pay award manual or auto pay.
1.6)admin can manage advertise or sponsor zone.
2.main page
2.1)show server time
2.2)form each plans and detail and button submit play game.
(ex. plan1: XX(define) transfer1$ WIN 10$ accept LR and PM).
2.3)show static about payment(who,transfer,award,status payment)
2.4)sponsor zone or advertisement zone
2.5)link to forum
3.1)Should be protect hacker(Specifically payment and admin zone)and DDOS(without use services of the host.if you can or possible)

If interesting Please private contact.

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