Survey Gateway For Files

Survey Gateway For Files

I have a file hosting website and I would like to put a CPA/survey/zip submit gateway on the download page like on this site:

Here is the basic concept:
1) People Sign up to my site
2) Upload Files
3) A gateway is put on their file with their sub ID
4) When other people go to download the file the gateway pops up and asks them to fill out a survey to continue to the file.
5) Using a unique SUB ID on the gateway I am able to pay the file uploader a share from my earnings from the surveys.

I’m planning to use as the CPA Network, I was planning on using CPALead but they don’t allow cash incentives.

Here is a more detailed information about SUB ID and postback function.

I haven’t yet figured out how to make this work correctly, that’s why I need a freelancer do it.

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