Forced Matrix/mlm Script

Forced Matrix/mlm Script
I am currently working on a forced matrix/MLM site, and need some help with the registration, login and parts of the members area.

The matrix will have a fixed width of 5 people, and makes the member earn from referrals 6 leels deep. When a user signs up without beeing referred, that user must be placed automatically in the matrix. If one level is filled, the user must be placed in the next level. Else the user will be placed below the referring user (there’ll be a field in the registration form where the user can enter the username of the one referring him/her).

I need someone who can do the following:

1) Code the registration process that will insert the user-entered info into a MySQL database table (‘members’). Must include an activation bit where the user has to click on a link in an email to finish the registration (by setting ‘activated’ from default 0 to 1 in the database ‘members’ table). The registration form must use CAPTCHA to prevent bots from spamming it. In addition, I want to protect from multiple signups by only allowing 1 signup per IP.

2) Code the login part (including setting the session variables).

3) Code the following pages of the members area:

Account overview
Let the user see what information has been stored about him/her

Edit details
If the user wants to change his/her email address, password etc.

Sponsor info
Misc. information about the user’s sponsor/referrer, plus a form that enables the user to send his/her sponsor an email directly from within the members area.

Withdraw funds
Where the user can request a withdrawal (this will happen externally from the site by manual bank wire). If requested, the amount must be deducted from the user’s account balance, and the request must also be inserted into a database table (‘withdrawals’) as pending. Also validate against the database to check if the user has sufficient funds.

Matrix overview
Self-explaining. Let the user explore his/her entire downline. I thought this as an AJAX implementation that can expand/close dynamically so that the user won’t have to load the page a million times, but I’m open for other suggestions.

Log out
Kill the session and return to main area of site.

Close account
Let the user be able to delete his/her account totally and remove the user from the database. If so, the matrix need to be rebuilt in a way that fills out any hole the closed account leaves behind. E.g by moving a user from the next level up OR by inserting the next signup in the closed account’s place.

4) IPN script for LibertyReserve. To update the database by setting the ‘paid’ column in the ‘members’ table from 0 to 1 when a payment is made.

No payments to the upline must be done until membership fee is paid. Then, upline payments must be done in real-time, and not in a scheduled cron job.

The ‘members’ table can be modified to fit any necessary needs for the coder.

That’s mostly it, except this must also be implemented to a design I’ve allready made.

That is the project. What I have written here is not final, so any modification ideas or suggestions from the coder will be taken into serious consideration.

The hired coder must have good english/communication skills and be available on msn every day. I only accept bids from experienced coders with good reviews.

All code must be secure against XSS and SQL injection attacks. I don’t want any GET-variables in the URLs unless they are absolutely required to make it work. Clean code with no fancy and over-complicated stuff :))

Maybe this was a well over-done description, but I want you to know what the project takes before placing any bids.

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