Sales Activity Log

Sales Activity Log
Sales Activity Logs (reports)

Database –
***Sales representatives, create account and add information for service provider.
***Sales rep works for a company who monitors all his entries and activity.
***Company – may have multiple sales reps of which they like to run activity reports, view
event calendars of each of the reps and may even add / edit or delete items on the reps calendar.
***Service provider verifies his account, then can schedule an event with his sales representative.

Pretty simple

This script will create a working data base for reps and companies / allowing service providers to view and schedule an event directly to a reps schedule so other service providers can view (new availability but not details) of each rep eliminating over scheduling or scheduling conflicts. This is also useful for Companies of the Rep to view their calendar and workload.

Each Rep May win a service provider and no other rep with his company may input or view the service providers information this then become the Reps Account and for no one else other than his company. Rep can view all of his own calendar and details. Rep can view all of the service providers events in list form but not details unless he is the rep for that event.

Each Company that the Rep works for may have, track, watch, edit multiple reps and reps calendar of availability and underlying accounts of activity. Companies want many statistics of the rep to view trends of activity and workload.

Service provider is given an account by the initial rep of a company for the purpose of scheduling that rep and that companies goods or services. Another rep from a different company may also invite the service provider to schedule and use his good or services on that reps / company calendar. Each Calendar is company specific and company private. The service providers can view each calendar of the rep and company that has invited them but Companies can only view their own reps.
This allows the service provider to have access to many reps and companies (expandable)

Please view attached PDF for category information and logic

WARNING – Place holder bids or Automatic bids will be reported as abuse and you will be banned from bidding on our projects and may be banned from SL.

Must be available M-F business hours U.S. east coast time.

Must be available during business hours (see above) for daily on MSN during the project (((NO EXCEPTIONS)))

All work will be done on our server – no exceptions

Do not cut and past ANY previous example of links that do not relate to this type of project.

Payment – No exceptions

1/3 at 50% point and balance upon completion.

½ of initial payment will be escrow-ed immediately.

We reserve the right without obligations to pay ahead of schedule based on good performance and or strong efforts. We understand and believe people deserve payment for dedicated or strong work ethic.

Please read our reviews, We don’t play games and we pay very well. However payment are our on our terms and will NOT Alter.

Most important – Please read Carefully:
This project has a 30 day deadline if this is not something you can focus on and complete within the deadline then do not place a bid.

We are eager to find the right person for this project.

Good luck and please read the attachment carefully before placing your bid.

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