Word Press Site Design And Cod

Word Press Site Design And Cod
I am looking for someone to make me a custom site design like A site I found but I will not post here send me a message and ill reply with the link.
IT will include a logo for the header and scripting including
ill show you a pic to make header from and theme will need to match it in color etc.
FRee member signup
They can see thumbs but not the full size unless they validate email with name.
Content uploader
Say I have 5000 pictures in 0 catagories
I uploaded them all and set settings for example 5 random pics,5 random cats.
It will upload 5 aday to the site live.
Member forum
Forum where members can post and chat.
I will have admin control to restrict certian names,have banned words.have image to type to sign up and post.
Like it or not where members can upload pictures and other members can vote on it etc.
also all the other needed pludings seo,adsence etc
Please only bid if you can do this in a reasonable time frame

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