Simple Login

Simple Login

There are 2 parts to this Project

Part 1:
I would like to integrate 3 different and separately written php scripts (which all have independent databases) so that when a user registers with a Username and Password through the main script – the user can then log into the other two scripts using that same Username and Password.

All of the scripts and databases are on the same server.
–End of Part 1–

Part 2:
Please send me a Seperate Quote to add authorization to the system so that after the user logs into the main script, they are then automatically logged into the other 2 scripts (if that’s even possible). Please send 2 separate quotes for the authorization: the first using cookies, and the second without using cookies.
–End of Part 2–

The requirements for this project are unique meaning unless I can get authorization to give you access to our server, I’ll need for you to provide me with a tutorial on how to do this. If I get the approval to grant you access to the server then I will not need the tutorial and you can just do the work on the server yourself.

I am not exactly sure how to connect the 3 different scripts but here is my random thought:

Somehow, populate the Username and Password fields of the other 2 scripts with the Username and Password created from the main script. This will need to be an instantaneous process and not with scheduled conJobs.

Part 1 is the most important, so if you are able to only do Part 1 and not Part 2, Please still send me your quote and timeframe.

I will be expecting to see your quote and timeframe for linking the 3 logins and if you are able to do part 2 then also your quote for the authorization with and without the use of cookies.

Payment will be done via Escrow and all of the funds will be in Escrow before the project starts.

1/2 of the payment will be released once you allow me to test the tutorial and the remaining 1/2 will be released 3-days later if there are not problems. If there are things that need to be fixed the remaining escrow will not be released until the fixes are tested (3-days max for the testing).

Thank you

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