Graphic Design High Quality

Graphic Design High Quality
I need a high quality composition graphic using a picture of a person.
it will need to be totally retouched and create a high quality composition.

I have been inspired from this pic:
but of course what I want should be even better and using a picture of a person I have.

In difference, we will make a kind of storm around the guy, and
instead of the phones, we will use US Dollars and Euros paper-bills on the left side of the guy and the words SEO, Technology Management, Online Marketing, Social Media in the right side of the guy.

Then below the left side (below the money bills) we will put a button saying Money Making, This way!

And below the right side (below the words), we will put a button saying Web Projects, This way!

ALL those elements should make a perfect balance with a black background with storm lightings or anything giving a misterious feeling.

I think the ideal size will be 950px x 560px

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