Project Script .php Trouble

Project Script .php Trouble
Project script .php trouble

Hello im looking for someone how has very good knowledge of .php script.

I have a website for file hosting for users been able to upload files to and also share.

I have mounted a second hard drive that premium members files would upload to this server.

And set up a subdomain with an IP Number so the second hard drive would take the uploads when needed.

All was working fine till four days ago and when working on the website i have caused the website not
to function properly now.

The reason why i was trying to resolve a problem when trying to upload files of over 700mb with URL Uploading.

I have done something incorrect and has caused the problems.

Myself think it may be a bug in the cross.php or config.php but again im not sure it could be a bug in any of the
files conected to the website that is causing the website not uploading to the second server now.

Or for some reason the IP subdomain added has stopped allowing out going connects now on main server via Cpanel.

Again be disabling outgoing
connection for some reason now again.

Also when uploading to the second server with smaller files when it was working the progress bar was not working.

And it was not sending emails with download links when requested by user. but all these functions work with no
problems on the free account that uploads to the first server.

It will upload to the first server with no problems.

But when i try as a platinum user it will not as this is uploaded to the second server.

Also i need that the platinum premium account allows uploads of up to 950MB

Also this has caused the files on the second hard drive not to connect to the files when i request for download.

So when all is completed that i can download these files again when needed from the second server again.

I would ask that if you dont have very very very good Knowldge of script .php please do not BID on this
project as your bid will not be excepted.

Please PM me and if you would wish to have a look at the website i can send you all site websites details.

Thank you and hope to here from the right person for this project soon.

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