Convert Online Form To Fax

Convert Online Form To Fax

We need to be able to do the following things:

– Fill out a form online: form open to any body

– Upon clicking submit, convert the online form to pdf document, then save to a folder using first name underscore last name underscore date (information from the form (john_doe_03092010.pdf)

– Using a batch file, cron job, or whatever, send a fax to a predefined fax number using the pdf document and associated jpg file (john_doe_03022010.jpg). jpg file would already exist.

– Basically, send a fax with 2 attachments (the pdf and jpg files)

The above is what we want to do, should you have a better method/solution of creating and sending the fax with the attachments, you can use it for the project.

Thank you.

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