Affiliate Script/program

Affiliate Script/program
I need to be able to create affiliate links and an affiliate network with my products.
I have some products to sell and I want to be able to give the link to who’s interested and being able to manage who’s selling and how much commission I have to pay them.
I need a simple program that must be able to calculate affiliates, sub affiliates and sub sub affiliates commission and links (it would be able to generate and detect sub links that were generated from affiliates and to calculate how much in dollars or other currency is the commission that I have to pay for both of affiliate and sub affiliate) and must be able to give me a report of what is going on with my network.

Must be very simple to use and must be error free.
Must be able to use in MAC and or PC.

It would be good if I could export the MLM to excel all affiliate and commissions information.

If a programmer has a similar script that can be modified to meet my needs, show me I’ll be interested.

If you have already a script you can make work, please include a link so I may check it out.

Show me results of your ideas, show me only your portfolio related with this type of projects.
Please read before bid this project:

a)Only programmers who place bids – cost and deadlines will be considered and I will not respond to copy and paste bids.

b)Make sure you understand, know if you can make and complete this project.

c)Tell me everything I should know, all the advices, all the steps etc, about what is going to happen with this project.

d)I need a 100% quality work and expert.

e)In order to have a professional job completed, after the project is done you need to give me 3 months of warranty and bugs fixing period and you will do it ASAP provide technical support and in order to be able to detect any problem or bug on the programming. This way if I have any problems dealing with the administration of the website you can help me until I understand how does it work. If you’re a real professional and efficient programmer you won’t have problems with this if you do a perfect work.

f)Need a serious and honest programmer so we don’t get any problem or trouble in the future, I will only pick a programmer that can show me a great experience on this area by the curriculum, better feedback and ranking.

g)I need to see the project wile you’re doing it, keep me updated and put the project online for me to be able to see the progresses. 

h)Don’t bid if you’re not able to do my entire project.

i)For the product and its source codes you’ve done with me, you promise NOT to develop any project BASED ON THIS SOURCE CODES, unless you are invited/hired by me. 

j)You promise that you will not show to public any info about the product that you’ve worked with me.

k)If you have been selected to complete this project, we’ll see wile you’re doing it if the quality of the work is according with my requests, if it’s not I will reject you asap with notice.

l)In a way of doing an excellent work and better understand the idea of this project, you can ask me all the questions that you really need to know.

m)At the end of the project you will have to give me the product finished, with the project files and a tutorial in a word file or other type of format with all the steps of how to manage it.

Thank you

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