Amazon Ezs3 Tutorial Video

Amazon Ezs3 Tutorial Video
This is a simple project for someone who knows what they’re doing.

I need simple and short (around 10 mins) video and supporting MS Word tutorials, showing me how to put video on my blog sites using the EZS3 Amazon-hosting system (see

The tutorials should show how to:
* sign up for an EZS3 account and an Amazon S3 account.
* upload video/ and audio files to the AmazonS3 account.
* how to put self-hosted, AmazonS3-hosted or video from video sharing sites (such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc) onto our blog posts and blog pages.
* embed/display video files in various common formats (including .flv, .swf, .avi, .wmv, .mp4 and other file formats on a blog page an blog post – including, and wordpress self-hosted blog sites.
* embed audio files in various common formats (including .mp3, .XXX) and other file formats onto a blog page and blog post (including, and wordpress self-hosted blog sites).
* How to display a video with different skins and controller panel styles, or without controller panel.
* How to set the video to play only when the controller is clicked or to play automatically when the web page is opened.

The Index of the Word document should list all elements of what the video will show us how to do, with page numbers and the video minutes:seconds for each principal blog type/file format covered.

The video should include an introduction that outlines what the video shows us and the main sections/blog types/file formats covered.

The selected bidder will use my EZS3 account and own-hosted wordpress blog but should set up new (free) and blog pages with dummy headers & text to demonstrate how to post videos.

The videos produced should be produced in Camtasia and delivered in .avi and .flv formats, together with the Camtasia (version 5 compatible) project files for editing, if necessary.

The supporting MS Word document should include sufficient screenshots to enable a beginner-level operator to follow all instructions successfully without needing to watch the video tutorial.

Delivery is required within 5 days of project award.

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