Excel/data-prep Script 7733203

Excel/data-prep Script 7733203
Brief: I need a clean (commented) script written (in either: perl/ruby/python, or preferably php) that can rearrange the attached excel sheet containing product data to allow it to easily be imported into Virtuemart for Joomla’s “CSVI import script”.

CSVI’s required rules/fields for a Virtuemart are here: http://www.csvimproved.com/csvi-joomfish-documentation/available-fields/

The current excel sheet needs to be changed to the following requirements:
– field names should be changed to allow csvi-types. (can be done by hand)
– The field “full sku” have spaces in them. All spaces should be changed to underscores.
– “available options” field should be expanded for those records containing more than one option (eg.: row 705: “blue pearl, 19.0z” do not belong in the same cell)
– * anything else needed to allow the script to successfully import to virtue mart’s product database *

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