Fix Bugs And Redesign Site

Fix Bugs And Redesign Site
I need a PHP and SQL expert with >10 years of experience. You must have much experience with scripts that relate to mailing 10,000’s of emails per day from 1 virtual server per day.

This project is 2 parts : 1. I need someone to fix my site and 2, redesign it.

The script seems to me almost complete – maybe complete with bugs. I need you to make this script work perfectly.

I have been working with another programmer for the past 2 months. At times things seemed to work, but I am not 100% certain.

I need you to review all of the code on the script, and fix any and all bugs. I need you to make this script run perfectly.

The script is a press release distribution site. Each day, customers post press releases and choose interest categories and target locations. The script is suppose to send daily emails to members. The content of each email depends on the interest category and location of the member.

The website is press **** release **** group **** dot **** com. ((((remove the ****))))).

The original project description is:

Some of the description has changed, and i will provide more detail for you after I pick you.

The main problem with the script has to do with sending mass mails.
My script is suppose to send 20,000 – 150,000 emails per day to my opt in members.

The current script has had problems with sending the emails. I am not sure that it has ever been able to do it perfectly.

Assume that I have no technical background. I know very very little about the code and this script.

The script is supposed to be totally automated, with no needed intervention from me.

You may need to write a totally new script to make the mass mailing work.

The second part of this project is to redesign the site. The website was designed after the style of another website. ((I requested a clone of the original))). My website still looks too much like the ‘original’ website. I need you to make some very gentle style modifications so that no part of my website looks like the original. My primary objective is to make it so that the original website owner AND Google SEE my website as ORIGINAL. Don’t do anything crazy with style. Just gentle enough so that it is original…so that I don’t get into trouble with the clone or with Google.

I will pay by Scriptlance escrow once you have totally completed the job AND after the script is working perfectly and totally automated for 3 days with no problems.

If you do not complete the project within your bidded time frame, or if job is not complete, I reserve the right to null contract and receive escrow funds back.

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