Viral Marketing Software

Viral Marketing Software
Do not bid on this project if you do not have these
3 elements…

1. You must have 10 reviews to apply for this project
2. You must have Great English and Communication Skills
3. You Must have a gmail account and communicate with me
through Gtalk…

We need a software program that we allow we to sign in

to their e-mail account (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail) right

from our site and invite their list of contacts to our site.

Very software is very similar to the one that facebook, myspace

and other social networking sites use to increase their traffic.

Detailed need…

– Interface allows them to sign into any other the above e-mail

clients (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL)

– This automatically selects their entire list but gives them the ability

to deselect anyone off their list…

– Shows them the message that will be sent out to their list

– Automatically adds the sender’s name in the signature

Pulls the first name from the contact information that was entered into
the form


Talk to you soon,

Looking for a coder that has already development a software similar to
this one and has examples of this work. Please show me what you’ve
done before as I’m only interested in working with someone that is highly experience in this area. The software must work right the first time!

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