Forum Customized

Forum Customized

I would like to customize this forum website.
I already own the script, zip file. I can provide you with the download. I would like a backup copy and a copy of your work after completed.

I would like the forum to be easily managed through dreamweaver.
I dont know php but I can edit html and can edit
the template.

I would like to have it installed into a
hosting service such as godady.
I already own the domain, I plan
to point the name servers.

I would like to have colors customized and
maybe some arranging.

More info about this item ->

Just need help getting setup. thanks!!!
Looking for an affordable programmer for a growing
business in Advertising & marketing.

I have Microsoft Communicater, Infopath, and groove
if you dont have it, I have the zipfile/serial to install.
We can communicate together.

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