Vbulletin Simple Graphic Cha 2

Vbulletin Simple Graphic Cha 2
on the top left of a default vbulletin install 4.0.1 it says vbulletin in graphics. I want a new graphic that matches the current graphic exactly. Size of font. Color. but i want it to say 2 words which if you get the job i will tell you(I don’t want this thread ranking for the term). I want the V graphic in vbulletin removed. Just want to use the font from the word ‘bulletin’. See the 2 photos attached. The .gif is how it looks if i copy it. I imagine its a transparent on the outside of the word to let the blue show but I am not sure how it works just want it to work how it already does. just replacing the .gif and having it work.

Very very simple job. See attached photo for more help.

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  1. Hi, I’m a student from Tanzania.
    I have to develop a homework: “Visits duration and for websites.”
    I have written to website owners and asked them about the visits duration of their website.
    There are websites which are a guilty pleasure for many. They have an addictive appeal, and lend themselves to at least 30 minutes of browsing per day.
    But there are sites which only have a visits duration of 30 seconds. Does anybody know where I can get the visits duration of as many websites as possible?
    With the results I want to draw conclusions from visits duration about userĀ“s engagement.
    Thanks for your help!


  2. If you are looking for bypassing the visit duration,

    There are certain ways.

    You can edit header of site remove the Jave Script causing this countdown.

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