Community Site Customized

Community Site Customized
Hi, I need someone as soon as possible. :oO

Please preview this website

–>I would like the site above customized to fit my needs.
I would like to make this a LIVE chamber of commence/
business networking website, for entrepreneur, business looking
for partnership, investors, etc.. I want private sessions
availability. A place for meetings etc. If you have ANY
ideas please let me know. Your idea can be a hr task. I would like to hire someone throughout the ideas that comes to me, paid per task or add on. $10-15 hr. Just to add modules and features. Maybe, we can work something out?

Here what I would need, now:

1. I would like to replace top banner with a flash banner, that I can edit, easily through dreamweaver.

2. The option to Change the colors if needed. (i would like to use dreamweaver for editing the overall template)

4. Some Idea as a module add on. Im thinking the module as each box on page? Like site stats, tag, leaders. Not sure of the names?
Also feature will be like youtube video, private conference, etc..
Please correct me if im wrong.

5. I would like to have advertisements that every time you click home, the advertisement changes to different advertisers. If this is to complicated then, thats ok, just as long as im able to edit advertisement posting easily in dreamweaver. Maybe about 6-7 advertisement would be nice
to find a way to add more.

6. Video ability

8. Payment- I want it to be setup with paypal, or by mail. I want to be based as a monthly fee and MY option to give away 6 months free, for promotional purposes. :oD

9. I want the script to become-> dreamwever friendly (for my editing purposes) I dont know much about php, I have edit html and I can edit the template through this dreamweaver program with no problem. Please make it editable for me.

10. After completed I would like the script, and a backup copy in case the website is lost, I dont want to lose members or your hard work! ;o)

This website has already been bought, im in the process of
paying the 12monthes of hosting ahead so that they can release the
script. Check the location it was bought from which may provide you alot info. Please let me know if I need to ask the seller any questions in regards to getting this script downloaded 4ever, a keeper.

That’s all I can think of, lol. If you can think of anything that
can be beneficial to this live chamber/biz networking, please, please share! I’m also looking for a programmer to hire soon in April for my Advertising & Marketing business. I have opened a location in my downtown area. I would like to stand out form my competitors. I have many more projects that will link up to this
website, please view them-on my other projects, HELP.

Please note: This website admin may have the editing function of these request above already, so it may not be a hard task.

**I do have Microsoft communicator, infopath, groove
for communication purposes.** I can provide the zip/serial
if you dont have it.

Please help! :o) THANKS A BILLION!!

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