Insurance Comparison Website

Insurance Comparison Website
We are looking for a Developer/Programmer who has realized projects based with the Drupal CMS. So you should only apply for this Job if you have good knowledge and worked with the Drupal CMS.
The project is a insurance comparison website, where the user can compare and get advice on the newest, best and cheapest insurance.
The website itself is separated into 3 user areas, the user area, the administrative area and the insurance broker area. The insurance broker area will be needed once the project is up and running, that’s why it is important to make the site as flexible as possible, to add this area later on.
What is needed at the moment is:
1. The front end area for the user
2. The Back end for the Website Administrator
To give you an example in what kind of direction we are looking at is the german site which is similar to the english sites and
The user will be able to compare insurances in different categories such as pensions, different kind of insurances etc. The necessary data for this will be provided by an external partner whos data need to be included within the system. For example the user provides his information, clicks on send and gets the results from our partner directly on our website.
There are 5 insurance subcategories were the case stated above does not apply, in this case the user does not enter his data in a form provided by our partner. But instead enters his data in forms created by us. These forms send the request directly to the site admin. Where he can answer the requests.
Here the Admin will be able to have an overview about all requests, create, edit and change all data and administer all things considering the website.
Alongside the functions stated above the site needs some more features such as:
– Newsletter
– Blog where the Admin can write Articles about a certain topic
– Some static sites such as Jobs, About the Company etc.
– SEO optimized link structure, …
You will of course be provided with more details should you start working on this project.

The Design for the whole website will be provided by us.
Note that if our cooperation should be positive we will also work with you in the future on the broker insurance area.

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