Login Page & Data Post

Login Page & Data Post
Project: Create a PHP data base to store user name, password & basic user data and post to order form after login.

Time frame needed: Immediately

Functionality Needed:
1. Form for user to self register. Prefer auto generated user and password. Format: user is email Password. two initials a period and a our digit random number. (ie. jv.1234)

2. Ability to change and retrieve passwords via acceptable method (email link or secret question)

3. Ability to suspend and delete users from database.

4. Ability to post user name and password to outside url to perform a webpage login on a related site.

If you already have a prepackaged script, then we would need to then ad the posting of data to a form and the posting of user and ID to outside login page.

Address to post outside login for you to view before bidding. http://amcofusa.spurams.com

Thank you

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