Elo Chess Rating System

Elo Chess Rating System
I currently own a Multi-player spades program.I require a programmer to go into my current program and ad a “ELO chess rating system” so it will rank players by each match they play, I also have the ranking icons for each level the achieve. It would more than likely need a separate data base to track each players match play.
Also I want to change out the card deck in my program to a larger numbered deck of cards which I have.I also want to change the card sound wav. file in the program for when a card is played. And last thing a simple graphic change to the way I have my program named.
Method of payment, the programmer that gets the bid I will pay half of the money to, to start.Then when program is delivered 1 week after delivery the other half paid to make sure the program is running smoothly.
Also when bidding, if you do an exceptional job, there will be plenty of more programs to work on in the very near future.

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