Vbulletin Lounge Addon

Vbulletin Lounge Addon
I’m building a website using vBulletin similar to www.fubar.com, but vBulletin doesn’t have an add-on that we would like created.
Lounge Add-on

• Create Lounge (Title/Name – Example: groupname)

• Users can join (subscribe) the lounge.

• Creator of Lounge “Known as: Owner” can set “Users” with admin privileges.

• Ban Users from Lounge (Owner Only)

• Users can leave (unsubscribe) the lounge.

• Ability to completely change the look and style of your lounge.

• Ability “Add Keywords, Privacy Setting, Add Music”.

• Customizable Lounge Page (Right/Left Blocks / Center Blocks)
Ability to enable/disable HTML/JavaScript.

• Add Music Add-on, Needs to have options; Drop-down menu: Flash
Player, Windows Media Player or Custom. Flash Player and Windows
Media Player will show options to set “Stream URL” and “Port” and Skinning options. Custom will show a text area box to place your own code.

• Ability to interact with User Level and Points/Cash System

• Store Options, Such as virtual gifts – Use Points/Cash System to by them – Even “Happy Hour” for buying “drinks” Customized by “SITE OWNER” and how much each gift/drink costs.

• Subscription Mod, Create plans or just set it for free (none would be free)

• Customized IRC Based Chat Room, (Main Settings->Connects to my main network) ‘Auto Sets’ admins as OWNER (~) and the admins with defined options in the admin center. (at – % – &) Joined Members will have (+Voice) – Settings

• Mod rewrite for lounge.

• Mass Mail option for Joined Members (to come back)

We’re using vBulletin 3.8.x – Going to be upgrading to 4.0.x
Test Forum, cPanel/FTP Access can be provided. (4.0)

NOTE: Possible NEW features, Upgrades (Newer for vBulletin) maybe required and after initial script is coded, possible small fee for doing NEW features/upgrades.

If I have any additional ideas after this post, please read the PMB.

Our budget is specified above, Please DO NOT bid more than the amount shown otherwise you will not be picked.

This script is a robust Fubar Clone like script an Lounge Addon using vBulletin Products/Plugin.


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