Basic Html Template / Clone

Basic Html Template / Clone
I am looking to have the look and feel of with the logo from my site I simply need a template with a little extra design.

I would like to mimic the Black Diamond University Site, as far as the Layout is concerned.

Home Page:
Black Diamond University Layout
– “Welcome to Ultimate Timing” across the Top of the Page, centered.
– Tabs along the Left Side Vertically
– 6 Tabs will read as follows, from Top to Bottom, ( Presentation, Team Leadership, Recognition, Training, In The News, Calendar )
– Flash Video to the right of the Tabs (I will add in later)
– Underneath the Tabs and Flash, we can put a Welcome Message in Text

Presentation Tab:
– Color in the Background
– 7 Video Selections with Subtitles under each Video
– Video #1 with Subtitle “Donald Trump Welcomes You”
– Video #2 with Subtitle “Our Ultimate Timing”
– Video #3 with Subtitle “Our Exclusive Cutting Edge Products”
– Video #4 with Subtitle “Our Business Model”
– Video #5 with Subtitle “Our compensation Plan”
– Video #6 with Subtitle “Our Business Tools”
– Video #7 with Subtitle “Donald Trump Asks You To Join Us”

Team Leadership Tab:
“Team Leaders” Tab Layout
– Color in the Background
– TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More, somewhere on this page
– Pin Level Scale
– Basically looking for the same setup, where I can have Photo Images, same size
– I would like to have Text under each Photo
– I also would like to be able to click on each Photo, and this would redirect a person to that person’s Bio Page

Recognition Tab:
– Color in the Background
– Pin Level Scale
– Photo Images and Text of people who have achieved a greater Pin Level
– New people who get recognized for achieving Platinum get placed onto the Team Leadership Page
– Not too sure on what to do here, looking for suggestions

Training Tab (leads to page like:
Executive Diamond Group, “Training Center” Tab Layout
– Color in the Background
– Basically the same setup, Password Protected to access the Training Video’s
– Multiple Video selections with Subtitle Text
– Video #1 with Subtitle “BSK Introduction”
– Video #2 with Subtitle “Our Products”
– Video #3 with Subtitle “Your Back Office / Auto-ships / Ordering”
– Video #4 with Subtitle “Your Why”
– Video #5 with Subtitle “7 Level Bonus’s”
– Video #6 with Subtitle “Compensation / Structure”
– Video #7 with Subtitle “Goals”
– Video #8 with Subtitle “Invitations / Objections”
– Video #9 with Subtitle “Getting Started”

In The News:
– Color in the Background
– Pictures and Text to be inserted at will, as well as links
– Events and Socials
– Advanced Training and Travelers
– New Product Releases
– Company Promotions
– Am open to suggestions with this Tab as well

A Printable Version of our Calendar of Events, Meetings and Up Coming Events

Purple, Black, White, and Gold

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