Ecommerce For Marketplace

Ecommerce For Marketplace
I am exploring a ecommece solution for a marketplace (ie multiple vendors/ sellers) selling and buying ebooks and physical products. The vendor can have their own storefront (ie their own website) to sell whatever products that are available in the main store. On top of selling own products, they get commission for selling other vendor’s products. The vendor’s storefront is a clone of the main storefront but can look entirely different that carries their own domain name. The storefront links to the main central database.

Remuneration structure:
60% of revenue will be given to sellers and 40% to go admin and affiliate.
Admin and Affiliates can earn from selling any of the products sold here with 50:50 revenue split.
For example, seller list a price say USD10
Admin & Affiliate takes 40% of every sale done. In this case, USD4
Admin and Affiliate have a 50% split.
If the sale is generated from an Affiliate, USD2 goes to Admin and USD2 goes to Affliate.
Need to have features such as:
1. When buyer buys a product, the system pay seller 60% of the fees instantly and the remaining 40% goes to Admin?
2. From revenue received, admin will then pay 50% to respective affiliate and remaining goes to admin.
3. When seller received order, seller will process order and update status in the system.
4. If it is a ebook, ebook will be instantly sent for download upon receipt of payment.
5. Sellers get to see sales report.
6. Affiliate report is available?

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