Simple Client Database

Simple Client Database
Require a php/mysql driven site that contains an editable list of clients/owners and their properties. We need the ability to invoice them for every service we perform on a particular property and need to know if an invoice has been paid or is outstanding.


Information stored about “Client/Owner “
• Contact Person
• Address
• City
• Province
• Postal Code
• List of Properties we service

Information about Properties:
• Tax Roll number (unique identifier)
• Type of Property
• Address
• City
• Province
• Postal Code
• Appeal Deadline (Day and Month only)
• “Notes Section” need the ability to add several different notes to a specific property file
• Invoices that have been billed to the Client/Owners
o Status of such invoice: Paid or unpaid?
• When a particular property Invoices are billed to the “Client /Owner” (first part of information on invoice) with respect to service performed on a specific property (second part of information on invoice). The invoice would have our letterhead and the ability for us to add amounts that are being billed, notes explaining the transaction, a place to add sales tax
• Each invoice would have a different invoice number (unique identifier)
• We need to be able to indicate that the invoice has been paid

• Need to be able to search for all properties by:
o Tax Roll number (would produce one search result)
o Client/Owner (would show all properties of client/owner that we provide service for)
o Province (would show all properties located in a particular province)
o City (would show all properties located in a particular city)
o Type of Property (would show all properties of a certain type that we provide services for)
o Paid invoices (would show list of all properties that have paid invoices)
o Unpaid invoices (would show list of all properties whose invoices have not yet been paid)
o Appeal Deadline (would show sorted by date, all properties’ appeal deadlines)
• Need to be able to search for invoices:
o Invoice number (this would show one search result)
o Unpaid Invoices (this would show all invoices that are unpaid)
– Invoice date (this would list all invoices by date)

I require the ability to have 3 administrator accounts.

FYI – The nature of our business is: Fairtax appeals the property taxes for owners’ various properties. Upon successfully doing so, we invoice the owner for our services with respect to that specific property.

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