Ebay Amazon Stock Control

Ebay Amazon Stock Control
My Client is looking for a stock control solution.

They sell on Ebay (UK), Amazon (UK) and through their own website built using Actinic.

When a item sells on one of these channels, they want a master stock control database that updates, and for all channels to reflect current stock levels.

ie – if they have a product with a stock level of 10, 5 on ebay, 3 on amazon, 2 on their website, and sell one one ebay, the stock on all 3 channels needs to reflect this – obviously stock can be controlled individually within any of these channels, but they want a more central solution so they do not need to manually adjust stock themselves on the other channels that the item was not sold on.

If you can provide a solution, and have experience in at least the Ebay and Amazon channels and managing stock between them then this project could be for you.

We know of other options, but I wanted to see if anyone could offer the perfect solution for us.

Please demonstrate to me that you fully understand the problem, and what your ideas are to fix this issue. If you have no experience in Actinic dont worry, between us we could probably work something out.

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