Ea Converting Xml 2 Mt4 Trades

Ea Converting Xml 2 Mt4 Trades
I am working on a program. It has two parts.

Part 1 (signal2xml)
This part ‘receives’ input from various sources like my emails, my FXCM account, my MT4 trades, and sms. It then exports this information in xml file. It has been done by my programmer, and its model is as follows.
Name of the folder is xml, and it contains files. Each name of the file is the name of signal ID. Each activity generates a ‘new’ xml, and this replaces the old one. So, for 1 signal ID, all activities (from pending order, to opening order, to changing stoploss, to changing Limit, to closing order, or cancelling pending order) will have 1 file replacing the previous one.

Part 2 (The EA)
I want an EA, which should get this input from xmls, and should give output as a trade in MT4. Any xml is generated or replaced, EA will update this in MT4.
The EA should additionally contain a ‘slippage’, ‘currency postfix’ ‘size multiplication factor’ feature.

Detailed information, and the model xml folder and containing files are available on request

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