Convert Layout Into Drupal

Convert Layout Into Drupal
– I need the design below (template will be sent to you) converted into a valid Drupal 6 theme.
– I need the flash menu/header, to have valid links, and I want to show the html menu/header if flash is not supported.
o If possible I’d like the links to be dynamic (built from the site’s top menu structure in Drupal).
– I’d like to be able to manage and change the images / projects and the links shown in the flash accordion (portfolio at startpage), and I want to show the html accordion if flash is not supported.
– Start Page
o I want the news/articles to be pulled from Drupal and if possible I’d like to have the ability to mark an article/news item as sticky or sort them (keeping it as the first item at all time).
o Possible to sign up for the newsletter from the image at the start page.
o Possible to manage the text in the right column aswell as the text for the steps (1,2,3).
– Contacts
o Working contact form at the contact page, emails should be sent to the super administrator email (possibility to manage this address).
– Overall
o Possibility to search the site (top right corner)
o Possible to manage the content in the right column.
o Subpages should list articles from categories/tags or written content as the design shows (or better solution/idea if you have).
– Statistics
o Should be integrated with Google Analytics, ask for script.

Note: I might also need some guidence publishing this theme.

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