Voucherbingo Project

Voucherbingo Project

I require a Bingo game (the coder will need to understand how a Bingo game works) to be designed and installed into my current database into www.AdGameMasters.com

Players play Bingo and as they do for every number they match a banner shows up with a voucher. When they get ‘House or Bingo’ they then win a prixe from me.

My previous coder sent me this message:

‘The banner section was not working, would not add a banner and threw out several errors. I have fixed this, and recreated the file structure so now banners will upload correct, and the right thumbnails are produced. The banners you have already uploaded was missing, which prompted me to try and upload a test one, which then lead me to see the errors that was present.

I have also pruned the database to remove the redundant entries, as this was causing errors.

I have had to modify you .htaccess too as it was dominating the server, and no other pages could be loaded other than adgamemaster front end and admin, which meant the bingo pages could not be shown, and i could not test the xml for the banners’

NOTE: You will need to fix these problems for me too please.

I’ll need a ‘forgotten password’ set up for memebers and admin for login


I believe needs a designer/coder to have the following skills:

Joomla 1.5


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