Classified Listings Script

Classified Listings Script
First and foremost you will need to be good with php/mysql and ajax for this project since we need it.Anyway, I need a directory listing type of website which will allow users to list their items for sale on my website.Something like craigslist but a bit different.

The user will be able to create a simple account and upload their picture and they will have a unique url like

I do not want spammers to be able to harvest peoples email addresses and phone numbers from my website so all email address and phon numbers provided by a user should appear in the form on an image on his page so u7sers can only see it but can’t copy or extract it.

After creating the site we will integrate it with system to charge users before they can have their account activated.

Once a users account is activated, he can login and add as many items to the website as he wants.From his admin area he should be able to edit, or delete past added items.

On the main site, we will need to have all items added by users to show up under categories and based on dates.People should also be able to search for items listed from the main website.


For promotional use, i will like to be able to create directories example and i can direct users who are trying to their car to this page.ANd from this page they can register and activate their account and their info will be added to the system as if they actually registered from the main site at .Here is the catch, i want to be able to have custom index.php templates for all these promotional directories i create.So example if i create a directory i should be able to customize the index.php of this directory with a template that has boats pictures.So each directory i create will have its custom look.However after creating an account or login in from this directory he sees the same admin area like anyone else regardless of which directory they registered from.


As the main system administrator, i should be able to create this new directories from the admin area.All this directories created will be using the same backend engine so example if i create a directory today and we upgrade the system in the future , i should not have to update all directories and they should reflect the new update (very important)


There should be a system wide admin area for me to see statistics and also change settings and other important stuffs.


I have a template already purchased from template monsters and we will have to change it a bit tio suit our needs.

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