Need A Script Uploaded Quickly

Need A Script Uploaded Quickly
Hi there,

I have a Program/Script which needs to be Uploaded to my Server (Domain) folder and installed correctly. This is a very Simple Job, and a Quick job.

***You must know (PHP-Scripting) & (MySQL)-Database very well. If you do NOT, then do NOT bid. I have already wasted 2 days trying to explain what needs to be done to 2-Coders, who did NOT know what they are doing, because they did not know “How To Script” well enough.

Here’s what I have that will make this job super easy:

1. I have a “Instillation Instructional Video” for you to watch,
which shows you exactly what you must do and how to do it correctly.

2. I have already created the “Database” needed for this PHP-Script.
3. I will give you the Database (Login info), so you can go and access it.
4. I will give you a Direct (FTP-Access), which gives you full Access.
5. I have contacted my Hosting Company and told them to “Switch” the current (PHP version 4 to PHP version 5.x), so you will have the newer and upgraded version to work with.

This is a 20 min’s Job at most. All you have to do is watch the video, upload it, and code (if any) in order to make sure the “Scripting” and “Instillation” was done CORRECTLY.

Once you have installed it, and “Tested” it to make sure it works correctly, you are Officially done.

*As far as Bid Price is concerned, I already got an offer from the Original Coder of the Script program for a price of $15.00. But, he’s will get this done for me in the next 48 hrs, which I Cannot wait that long for.

So, I decided to post this on SL and get a Bid to do this quick install for me. Max I will Pay is $10.00. If you Bid higher than that, you will NOT be considered, because I already got better offers.
*I just need this done “Quickly.”

–>>It’s very important that you Bid and check your PMB Quickly, so that I can ask you some questions and talk to you as well. Because SL dose NOT allow any communication between Provider and & Buyer until a Winner has been Selected. But, I need to make sure you “Know What You are Talking About,” BEFORE I pick you. Otherwise, I will be waisting my time. I am sure you can understand.

**I need a Coder, who is willing to “Stay Up” later so that we can Chat, after I have “Picked” him or her.

—>> See (Attachment) for “Error Message” that it’s giving me.

Anyways, send me your Bids.

Talk soon,

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