Modify Our Websites Portfolio

Modify Our Websites Portfolio
The task is to create a databas based portfolio located in a thickbox, where you can upload projects ( incl. text png/jpeg images).

Currently we have a portfolio with a database but the problems are:
1. it’s too slow to load the portfolio cause everything loads at the same time 2. the old design needs update 3. We need an easy way to add new projects to the portfolio through the browser (a cms for the portfolio).

Overview for all projects (overview.jpg)

The attached images have explanations in swedish, here is translation:
kategori val 1 = category choise 1:
This is four main categories,
1. the first symbol (the factory) show all projects,
2 the second symbol (ipod box) is programming, 3.the third symbol (the eye) is communication, 4. the last symbol (the triangle) is design

each category will have sub categories = translation: kategori val 2

The portfolio will have a page index which should direct the user to correct page. (translation: Direkt sidbyte)

The big black page changing buttons should have an animated hover function, and grow out with mouse.

IMPORTANT: When clicking the page changing button the entire page (div) should scroll left or right and the new page should appear.
(u can use easyslider if u want)

The images that are shown in the overview should be shown depending on what category they are assigned to.
For example: IF design is chosen for main category, and sub category web is ticked, then the picture tagged with web is shown in the overview. IF user untick web, and tick branding, THEN the branding tagged image is shown for the same project.

Conclusion: each project can have different pictures shown depending on which sub category 2 is ticked.

Project View (projectview.jpg)
Back button = translation: tillbaks knapp

When clicking the image it should open up in a lightbox preferably =
translation: förstora knapp

The images to the right= translation: byta bilder knapp, should switch the main image.

Like in the project view the big black switch page button should make the page scroll left or right like the previous.

It is very important that the project design is nice and code is structured, so other programmers can modify it without problem.

If you dont understand everything I be available on msn or skype.
You will get ftp and database acces. The database is already structured, in english.

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