Magento Migration

Magento Migration
I’m willing to pay $180-$250 for this work. It must be done in 21 days or less. Visual progress must be show everyday.

My client has a site that needs to be moved over to a magento template she bought. This migration will also involve you installing the magento template on her new server.

Project requirements:

• Understand EXISTING Store with approximately 500 SKUs is currently at: hosted by an online shopping cart.
Login to e-store admin to be provided.

• The Main Site is at: hosted by another hosting company on a shared server.
Login to Server to be Provided.

• Store Pages will be Magento and URLs of ALL product pages redirected so that everything is now on ONE site.

• Content Pages will need to be easily edited. So a plugin to edit each page or add pics to each page. Just like jooomla. I know magento has a lot of these plugins. The main goal of the plugin will also be to edit and add the 100 or so articles she has.

• Require thorough analysis of existing site structure and map out of new structure/map/nav system/menus/categories/url re-naming.
• Site structure is to be re-created / redirected to new URLs

• Data Migration of Products, Customers, Order History Databases, Images, and Product Downloads in my new Magento Store.
• The client wants to be able to ftp a page over if she so chooses. I know this is weird and hard to do, but she needs it to be able to change pages look then ftp it over like you would a regular html page. We can limit the pages she can do this with, but atleast some pages need to work like this. So it needs to the Ability to FTP my SOME “SQUEEZE PAGES” outside of CMS to server and have them display with no additional coding necessary to .htaccess file.

• Migrate old Blog from Blogger to Wordrpess

• Link Pages will be LinkMachine; Optionally, we can use a magento plugin for this if it works better and import existing links. And Design to Flow with the rest of the Joomla Skin.

• Affiliate Program: idevaffiliate; Existing data needs to remain in TACT. And Design flows with the rest of the Joomla SKIN. Will provide Magento Integration instructions from their site.

• Fulfillment will be handled by SBC-Fulfillment – They have a Magento Extension.

• Aweber Code: 1) Popup, comes up on every page of site, including store pages, 2) also within the skin somewhere static on the site.

• SiteMeter HTML Code on every page

• Affiliate and Google Adwords Tracking code on “Success or Thank you Page”

• Google Analytics Code throughout every page

• I-phone Recognition/Template (Magento Extension)
• Magento Pages – Require WYSIWYG editor in ALL pages

• Easily upload my digital products through FTP.

• Study a couple sites of my competitors and some other sites I’ll share with you to make recommendation:

Other features/functions/extensions/plugins:

• Testimonial Slider/Rotator
• Featured Products Slider/Rotator
• Big attractive rotating banner, like on my site I have now …
• Easy way for me to add YouTube Videos to site.
• “Add This” Bottons, integrated to show up on all content pages and product pages.
• “Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIN links/images/banner to my online profiles integrated into SKIN.
• Secure ONE-PAGE Checkout – page turns to https:
• Connect to Cybersource (My Merchant Account) – Magento has extension for this
• Customer can Bypass Checkout – Using Express Checkout Methods; Paypal, Amazon, or Google
• Set up Shipping: Please set this up according to the fulfillment center specs.
• Advise on Personalize the Automatic Emails that get sent
• Set up for Wholesale or Advise on this

Provide 6 months – 12 months support on Bugs/Glitches to be included.

Any design changes or mods she wants to the look must be made.

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