Simple Php Affiliate Script

Simple Php Affiliate Script
I have a single web page with 1 product which sells at a fixed price. The cart is operated through Foxycart, using

I need a simple php/mySQL affiliate script which will integrate with Foxycart (taking the data when a sale is generated), and which will do the following AUTOMATICALLY (<= important):

1. Register every purchaser as an affiliate (if they aren’t one already);

2. Send a configurable email offering them the opportunity to earn a commission by referring the product to their colleagues, friends and family;

3. Track sales, compute commissions, produce payment report;

4. Allow for tiered commissions;

5. Send commission report emails to affiliates.

There is no need for a complicated affiliate center with access to banner ads, marketing materials etc – just the generation of a tracking code than can be used in emails.

The url for the existing sales page is in the attached file project-url.pdf.

Good luck!

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