Travian Online Status Script

Travian Online Status Script
I am interested in a script simillar or identical to these two:

I repost their description.

Me and my “clan” plays a free online game, (Travian).

I want a script that will view the “activity” status (which is given by the game/Travian) of those within my “clan”/”alliance” and create reports based on their status, which I wish the script to check every 10 minutes. However, to “see” or access this status listing (which is a constant URL by the way) I need to be logged in. So, naturally, I assume this script would have to “log in” to the website/game using my login information. This scares me a little, as I believe then this login information would have to be stored on my webspace, so I would appreciate if this could be made secure so that not anyone can “phish” this information from my webspace.

The file I have attached is a print screen of the online status I can see in the clan. Take note of the dot images beside everyones name.
blue = online
green = was online in the past 24h
yellow = was online in the past 3 days
red = was online in the past 7 days
grey = wasn’t online in the past 7 days

My main concern is only whether it’s a blue or green dot anyway, so I suppose any other image file name is irrelevent.

What I want your script to do is login under my username and password every 10 minutes and “record” in a small MySQL database what their percentage activity is in a 24 hour period. Since the script should be checking every 10 minutes, it will check the players status 144 times in a 24 hour period (there are 1440 minutes in 24 hours, but it is checking only every 10 minutes, so 1440 / 10 is 144).

Lets assume the player is active (ie. b1.gif) 30 times out of the 144 times your script checks the online status of the players. The HTML output of your script would display that player as having an activity of 20%, because that player was active 30 times out of the 144 times their status was “checked”, which would be they were “active” 20% of the times. So your script should record in the MySQL database how many TOTAL times the player was checked to get an OVERALL activity percentage -and- should record how many times they have been checked for the “new day”. User my webservers clock to determine when a “24 hour period” is done/over with.

Things I want to see in the statistics:
% online time every day, player/s and total clan
amount of players online at a time and list on who it was

The output of your script does not have to the pretty, however, it should be formatted so that it is readable/ledgible with ease (ie. it doesnt need fancy pictures or colors, just make it ledgible). The output should be alphabetized by the players name since the members in the clan can change, then it would be great if the script can read there names and record online stats to it.

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