Vb Software + Admin Area

Vb Software + Admin Area

I need you to make me a software in VB. The software formulas are extremely simple (easy calculations) and it would need to have a drop down menu included.
One detail that’s very important is that people can install and use the software in any computer (pc or mac), no matter what operating system they’re using. I honestly don’t know if VB is the best solution but I’ve used this kind of software before and it used to work well…

The software should have an installation wizard and before it creates a desktop icon, it should ask for a username and password. When someone buys it from me, he gets an email with his info as well as I get this info directly in my admin area. In this admin area, I should be able to manually add, delete or change any details about my members.

The software would need to have some “design” matching the website.

In sum, you have to:
– create a VB software (with easy calculations and a drop down menu), with an installation wizard and password protected;
– create my admin area (where I can add, delete or change every user info).

Please only bid if you can do the entire project. Please show me samples of similar projects you did on the past.

Thank you.

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