Horse Racing Component Joomla

Horse Racing Component Joomla
Looking for a component developed for Joomla to allow manual data entry that our horse racing handicapper can input the same variable categories daily in the administrator for each horse race of each track for users to download per day the .PDF tip sheets.
The basic Joomla instalation and template has been set up at

I am looking for further development and integration of a custom component, member account authentication capability, and secure payment integration with merchant account and other listed functionality described below:

Projects Details and Website Description

Functionaly Needed

Provide a daily tip sheet (Home Work) to the Horse Racing industry. Daily tip sheet will be distributed online at website address: The website will inform visitors of the handicapping service offered, as well allow a customer to sign up and purchase daily or monthly access. After payment received from a credit card purchase using a secure transaction portal, a download of the daily tip sheets will be available on a secured webpage.

The target clientele will be horse racing enthusiasts that place bets on horse races. The daily tip sheet will provide hours of handicapping insight for a small fee for the time savings.

Content Management System to be integrated with: Joomla 1.5

Project Specifications Overview:

A component developed for the joomla cms that is based on a form with multiple custom named inputs of data. Multiple data variables will be collected on this form. Each variable will be manually input using the joomla administrator. The form will then publish displaying the data in a chart with a row for descriptions of variables followed by a row for each horse listed. A column will display the variable data of each item collected on the form in the order collected from left to right.

There will be 3 different charts per race that will be comprised of the following categories:

– Betting Line
– Pace Line
– Input Data

This form will be used for the data entry of each race, and for each track in the U.S. of the following day’s races. The three sections will be displayed for each race of each track daily. The daily tip sheet will be available to download in a one page adobe .PDF (print ready) document for each individual race or compiled with all tip sheets for each race of a particular track. The .PDF document will also display in a pop up window for immediate viewing.

The organization should be automatic based on a selection during the race manual input. A track name will be available for all tracks in the U.S. to associate the race with the appropriate track in a drop down box. A second drop down will be available to select the race number of that race as associated for each particular track.

New Membership sign up page
Form to gather account details and a link to the credit card transaction gateway for payment processing and deposit in to bank account. After payment is received account login is automatically emailed to users email provided during signup and downloads will be available once logged in.

Membership Authentication and Login

Basic Form: username and password
Link: new accounts
Link: forgot login

User Secured login page will provide a List of tracks names that each link to a separate page to display the download links for the selected track, also for each individual race.

Download access will be based on purchase selection of daily access or monthly access.
If a monthly access is selected user will have unlimited access for the month starting from the day the monthly payment is received. If the daily selection is made user will have access for 24 hours and will only allow that days tips sheets for download. At the end of the billing month or the 24 hrs after the account user is activated the account will be redirected to a new window when additional attempt to login is made. At this window the user will need to make additional payment for continued access.

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