Social Network Script

Social Network Script

I need someone to create a social network script that organizes groups by U.S. city and state.

Your script will provide a hierarchy system so that each group has a leader that has admin control over its local members. The state leader will have admin control over the local leaders and all local members of that state. A nation leader (me) will be the ultimate admin and have admin control over every state leader, local leader, and every local member.

Local members can only socialize with other local members in their city. Local admin call only socialize down and up to the state leader. State leaders can socialize to all below them, and up to the Nation leader.

Members can search other local members by profile descriptions (education, career, industry, skills, hobby, name).
State can search anyone in their state. nation can search anyone.

You will arrange the member profiles per my request. It will be very similar to Facebook and LinkedIn. Be prepared to make add all of the profile features of Facebook and linkein, with same messaging, photos, personal info. No wall comments.
Each members friend list will be all of the friends in their local group. For local leader, it is all local members plus state leader. For State admin, it is all state members but Nation Admin. For Nation leader, it is everyone.

Leaders will be able to send out mass messages to everyone below them.

There will be a message board specific for each city and a message board for the nation.

There will be a place for State and Admin leaders to embed youtube videos and arrange by category.

Each local, state and nation admin will be able to rank each inferior member – Rank 1 – 10. To be explained later.

There will be a calendar that local, state, and nation admin can modify. Only local members will see local events. All state members can see state admin listed events. All members will see Nation admin added events. Click on date/event and you get more details.

You will create a video chat room where up-to 10 people can be on video chat, and everyone one else who joins >10 – 100000 people can view the chat and can text message the room.

There will be a local video chat room, state video chatroom, and nation video chatroom. The leader/admin of each will control the chatroom and can boot members, mute all members but himself, etc.

Prospective members should be able to go to homepage and see map of U.S. then click on State, then click on name of city and find local group, and join local group. You will add every city in the U.S.

When someone joins, the local admin will get a message stating that member joined. There should be auto email for all new members.
Log on, username, pass, forgot user, forgot pass should be part of this.

Same admin functions as most social network scripts for sale including phpfox.

Anything that you use must be legally usable for my website. You must have the rights to use them.


You will upload everything that is necessary to my server in order to make it work. You will show me your work on your server first.

I will pay by escrow after it is uploaded and all bugs are fixed.

You will need to customize the scripts according to my descriptions. I will give you more specific details before you start.

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