Windows/php Applications

Windows/php Applications
Dear programmers,

Good day to you all! I paid for a 17 years old programmer 8 years ago to write similar application but I lost the application after few months using it due to my PC went haywire. Hence I am now tend to pay for a programmer to write the same thing, or maybe an ENHANCED version.

Basically, this application is more or less works like a hitbot supported by unique proxy IP which allows me to send unlimited hits to certain links. Please find below are what I wanted:

1) Must be able to excute on Windows XP or Vista, and maybe Windows 7 as well.

2) In the settings panel, I am unable to enter the destination links (unlimited links), IE remain open’s time and interval time.

3) Once it is executed, it will automatically execute IE and running as per configured in (2).

Optionally, you may write similar server’s side script (prefer PHP) so that it can run on my UNIX server without opening my PC 24 hours to run the windows software. If you choose server side script, then the interval time function can be ignored, and substitute it with hour or maybe daily hits to be sent. I need it to be supported by MySQL as well if needed.

1) These are simply my ideas. You are a programmer and you are professional, so it could be a plus if you are able to suggest me much effective ways.

2) Please provide as much as valid proxy IP. If possible, please mention how may IP you can provide together with the application or script.

3) Delivery day: within 5 days

4) Payment term: 50% upon confirmation, 50% upon delivery. (after you have showing me the working version) OR negotiable.

5) Payment method: Paypal only

Thanks a lot……….

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