Php/mysql-modify Openpro(erp)

Php/mysql-modify Openpro(erp)
Seeking Experienced PHP/MySQL Developer – OpenPro modifications

We are seeking a PHP/SQL programmer to provide custom programming and modifying an existing ERP solution (OpenPro). Utilizing the existing system, we have a large number of changes that need to be made and they have been outlined in the attached documents.

You will need to review the OpenPro documentation as necessary; we do not have an expert on hand. We have never implemented the system thus no one is well versed in it. That said, you would be working with our in-house IT/Web person who will be able to provide you with direction and be able to clarify questions related to our customizations.

About the system:
We are a marketing company that produces Direct-Mail brochures, Stationery packets (logos, post cards, ads for magazines, etc), Websites. We also schedule the mailing of brochures which we design for clients.

OpenPro will allows us to manage our clients, and the flow of media production more efficiently with tighter controls to track and report on the status of projects. We will utilize the Accounting module to insure that invoices have been paid and quotes are produced before work begins on projects. We will also automate as much of the system as possible using a defined set of dependencies.

Our company is structured in the following way: Design department (Brochures and Logo/Stationery), Mailing, Accounting, Client Services. The design department is tied closely with mailings and accounting. The Client Services department interrelates with the other departments but primarily from a reporting type of view. There is also going to be an advanced “scheduling” component. This allows the systems users to be automatically scheduled for events (due dates on brochures, callback dates, etc).

All activities within the system are set as “jobs”. If you needed to design a brochure, you would create a “brochure job”. If you needed to schedule a brochure mailing, you would start a “mailing job”.

Each job has a set of dependencies (outline in attached documents). A brief example would be: A client needs to design a brochure, a quote is created which opens a brochure job, this job is then scheduled to a designer with a due date. Fast forward, the design is finished and is sent to the printer, this opens a new Mailing job with the proper inventory from the print. The mailing coordinator is now scheduling mailings for the client.

Again, automation will be something that we really want to incorporate. We would like to have buttons for most activities which trigger a series of events. An example would be for the Brochure Job section. In this section, Brochure Designers send design levels (drafts) to clients. The designer should click “Level Sent” button and Open Pro should record the day the level was sent, advance the level by one, and schedule a call back date for the Marketing Specialist. This is described further in the brochure document attached.

This will not be a straightforward project; ideally you will be able to read between the lines where necessary and be able to think on your feet. If you are the type of person who needs a line item list of tasks to complete, checking them off as you go, then this project is probably not for you. We need someone who is motivated, a good communicator and can grasp the ‘big picture’ of our project before getting it under way.

We look forward to your questions and comments. I will update this post as necessary.

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