Simple Website

Simple Website

I need a website with the following requirements and specifications:

Starting point: this project takes inspiration on (without the XXX), with a few improvements.

Business model: Google Adsense and banners from our website, so the selected programmer will have to meet this requirement.

Project scope: Selected programmer will have to do all designing and programming, he will install the code on designated server and he will test, till everything is alright and fully working. This will be completion’s moment.

Website design: a very simple and clean design, web 2.0 style.

Programming language: PHP+SQL, but open to alternative proposals. In any case, the code must be able to handle at least over 5.000 users at a time.

A web interface for mobile phones (including iPhone) will be needed and is included in this project.

Website must be prepared for several languages. A language file is required,

When entering, the website will know from which country user is accessing internet and it will place a small country’s flag.

Timeframe: Less than a month. In any case, timeframe that is agreed with programmer must be strictly accomplished.

Technical skills: Feel free to refer your technical skills in any way you find convenient (previous experience, portfolio, etc., etc.).

Communication skills: Excellent communication skills are expected, through msn messenger, in English language. I also expect a communication time frame at least between 10:00 am and 06:00 pm – GMT time. These are my working hours, so don’t expect working in your own schedule.

Personal skills: I’d select a programmer with a professional attitude and who is willing to be involved in this project, with opinions, suggestions, etc. If justified, a bonus is a real possibility.

Copyrights: All programming, code and original graphic files will be provided with all ownership released by programmer, without any link for programmer’s website or any other website.

Payment: Through escrow only and on completion moment only. Very fast payment as usual.

If you have any questions or want to discuss some issue, please pmb.


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