Website & Database Query

Website & Database Query
I have a website that already has a database on it and an administration panel setup where I can add, edit, delete information in my mysql database. I have it on one domain and have a search database setup to display the results from the database how I want it.

This project I have a brand new domain name hosted on same server as the database. I am wanting this new domain name to search from this database that is on the same server. Basically my website is for funeral homes. I want on my new domain name for it to pull a search query automatically for a certain term and as soon as you load my new domain name page for it to automatically show all the results based on the search query term I want. Pretty simple, but just not great at working with mysql queries.

As far as the layout I want you to just copy the website I have on there now that is already tied to this database onto this new domain name and just display the results just like I have on my site now.


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