Fix One Page On My Joomla Site

Fix One Page On My Joomla Site
I have a page on my site that I just can’t get to look right. It needs a Joomla designers touch. I’ve installed a Facebook Widget and a GoogleMap and some text. The map is where I want it but the text and widgets need to be moved around so the page flows correctly. What I need form you is:

1. Get Facebook widget working and spaced properly on the page
2. Get Twitter widget working and spaced properly on the page
3. Create a place on the left side to add sponsor ads (linked to their websites)
4. Rework the layout of the page so it’s easy to read and compelling. The live streams from Facebook and Twitter should be the second most important aspect of the site next to the map since we will be chatting with the visitors remotely during our trip. Additionally, the map must remain at the top of the page since that’s what will track our trip. That said, I really just need you to make it look better. I will be duplicating this page for other cities in our site, so it needs to be easily duplicatable.

We expect to have millions of people looking at these pages as we endeavor to set some aviation world records, so they have to look good and flow well.

Right now, the design of this page is holding up all of our fundraising efforts so I’m giving up on doing it myself and seeking help to get it done quickly.

In my perfect world, I will select someone to work on this tonight so it can be done tomorrow.

Here’s the page:

Let me know if you are intereste.

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