Plastic Surgery Site

Plastic Surgery Site
Our marketing focus is on plastic/cosmetic service providers, made explicit in this plan, and renews our vision and strategic focus on adding value to our target market segments. We intend to build a website that caters only to plastic/cosmetic surgeons and their procedures. We want to create an environment where future patients are able to research the surgeons in their market and what the surgeon’s credentials are.
The patients will be able to read about the doctors past experiences and testimonials, which will be provided on our network. Not to mention, patients will be able to provide feedback to each other, as well as, to those whom are inquiring. In addition, the surgeons resume and education background will be made available, links to their websites, contact information and much more.
Our site is built on the assumption that the management of information technology for business of plastic/cosmetic surgery information, surgeon introduction and blogging environment. People that are doing these life changing procedures often just rely on personal experiences and have no way of researching various options in their area at the same time. This website allows prospects to view different profiles for different doctors and explore all their options all on the same website. This will help the patient be more knowledgeable about all of the surgeons, view their before and after transformation, and the patients personal opinion based upon their results.
Our site will also give the surgeons more exposure. It will make it easier for the public to search freely, with a broad variety and confidence to make this life altering decision a pleasant one. It is a marketing company which provides serves its clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor.
Website Functionality
We have found a website that is exactly what we need as far as search engine internally and over all functionality and searches. The site that we are referring to is located in the attachment to this ad. This site does everything that we need our website to do. Every aspect of this website must be the same functions wise. (more about this later) It must be very easy for plastic surgeons to sign up to one of our three marketing packages. We would like the website to be totally web based to sign up, advertise and upload all info for each client. The site has to have every function that the site has. Every single function has to be the same.

Please let me know what your bid will be on the project. And if you have any questions or concerns before you bid. Please don’t waste my time if you feel that you can’t build exactly what I asking you’re for. I am on a time schedule and I have a lot more work if you can complete this project on time and to my specifications. I am not looking for another site you might have created. I have gone over exactly what I need. Please only bid if you can do exactly what is asked. I am ready to start project yesterday!

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