Image Scroller Script Improve

Image Scroller Script Improve
Hello, I’m running a PHP image scroller here: www dot (make one word) german shepherd world (/make one word) dot org.

I’ve attached the code below. Currently it runs fine for a while, then the browser turns to mush; the scroller stops, drop-down menus won’t drop down, slow page loads, etc.

One of my other programs has timed cache clearing code (photo attached). Is that something that can/should be incorporated?

Is there a better way technically to achieve what I want here? A different technology? Can this script be improved or replaced?

Currently it pulls from two databases, resizes and scrolls. I like that aspect ratio or one very close.

Please be specific with what you propose and what benefits it would have to me. Thanks.

Please use the world HAGAJI in your replies or they will be filtered out. Thanks.

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