Site With Some Flash Elements.

Site With Some Flash Elements.
I’m willing to pay $100-180 for this work. It must be done in 15 days or less.

I was going to have this done in drupal or joomla, but I here it’s too difficult to do with flash. So there just needs to be some sort of cms for the site, so the client can manage the content. Maybe xml and something.

Basically they want to add a php menu to their site and add different features to their already existing site.

They want the background to be like a flash rotater. Similiar to these sites and similiar to the look of these sites.

They are looking for a look similar to: (removed the Xs) (removed the Xs)

I’m thinking the site should be made in joomla, wordpress or drupal and have a flash menu.

We dont’ have to got that direction, we do need the flash menu, but we need to have the site ecompass the following: (all this will need to be added).

Functions that we would like added:

– Dealer Locator: postal/zip code input with results with admin type page to update dealers easily.
– Search Bar for within website content
– contact page and info request: needs to have required fields. Right now even if all fields are filled in, the page will be submitted. New submission page creation.
– admin page with add/remove capabilities/functions.
– simple flash room visualization with ability to have flooring options.
– Secure microsite, or dealer login/password protected page with ability to add html pages.
– Built in tracking to dealer log-ins
– fix glitch with lightbox JS gallery: does not work properly in all browsers
– faster load time required for images and pages.


– Change flash or images on homepage and other page images
– Warranty registry – customers must register warranty online or by mail – downloadable database that can export inputted information into a csv or excel file for easier database extraction.
– Ability to add drop down menu items – linked to html pages.
– add/remove dealers for dealer locator.
– reports for dealer logins/use
– ability to add surveys
– ability to administer contests


– flash or jpeg option for main pics
– Larger image size — 100% width. Right now is fixed at about 850px.
– smaller header – logo is too big
– smaller footer
– Drop Down Menus with transparency (if needed)

The site will obviously need to be installed and set up too.

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