Gather Prices From Websites

Gather Prices From Websites
I am looking for a script that would take user input and generate 2 sets of outputs. I would like this script written in php. I would like “searches” saved as well as results in mySql database to be used at later date. Results must also be formatted and returned to user.


Search for – 2007 Honda Shadow Spirt

Return results from E-bay and craiglist with average buy it now prices of 2007 Honda Shadow spirit

Example – Search returned from 25 results from ebay. Highest Price $5000. Lowest price $1000. Average price – $2,274.
Search returned 10 results from craigslist. Highest price $4500, lowest price $3000. Average price $3,500.

Also, take same search result and determine retail value for that item from and

Example – Nada recommended retail value – $3500. KBB recommended retail value – $3000.

Please let me know estimated time and of course price of project. Also, in PMB, please explain in some detail how you will go about doing this (i.e. scripting language, that sort of thing)

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