Create Loan Application Form

Create Loan Application Form
I need someone who is experienced with creating forms for submission of data on a website.

I need basically 2 forms created. One form is fairly long but not overly complex and the other form is short and simple.

These forms are for a loan application website.

In order to get an idea of what the form will require simply search a few mortgage or loan websites and see what the forms look like and how they behave.

I will provide you with a few example forms, as well as all the fields neccessary and any validation/rules for the form.

The forms data should be sent to my email addy, with the data also stored in a database if its not too much extra work just in case I have problems with my email for some reason.

Please include revisions to the layout/look/validation of the form with your bid as Id like to have it just right.

The 2nd form will just be a condensed version of the full, long form. So you are really only creating 1 form.

Form should also be coded well, and not take a long time to load.

Also, it would be good if I can add a SSL certificate. Not sure if you would do that part or if you can help implement that as well. I do have a SSL from another website Im not using anymore, so I can use that one hopefully. I would only need the SSL on the main, long form to ensure clients data is secure.

If you are able to get started today) please place your bid as I will likely be selecting a programmer today (Tuesday 19th)


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