airbank is a virtual payment portal that allows individuals to purchase airtime (e-pins), make both online and offline payments, convert airtime to cash by simply sending a SMS or email or via the website.

the airbank system works just like paypal, liberty reserve. only this time anyone who creates an airbank account can pay for goods by using their mobile phone as the cash point.

the portal should be able to host epins (airtime codes of various networks) and would require a client to send specific codes through sms to make orders and execute transactions. pls note that transactions can also be done via the web portal and via email

i want individuals to also trade off their already purchased epins to fund their airbank accounts and other airbank accounts. ie. a registered user/ airbank account holder can use call airtime on his phone to make payments by converting it to his airbank through the use of specific sms coded instructions which will inturn instruct the mobile network to deduct the airtime value traded from the users phone line account which will inturn be credited to thier airbank account.

funds in airbank account can be made transferable to real bank accounts of the individuals on demand. which means our service can communicate with our banks portal to make payments. also users should be able to fund their airbank accounts through bank payments. i.e funds deposited to our account would require the individual to input the bank information and teller information in required fields for us to determine the validity of the payments.

also a gaming portal will be built alongside the airbank. as only users who have airbank accounts and have purchased e-pins from us can enjoy the bonuses of the game portal. the game portal is a casino style game portal that allows individuals to input the e-pin code that they have purchased to gain access to a list of games that correspond with the cost of the code. ie. the interactive casino style gaming portal will display list of games but when the user decides to play a game he has to input the exact e-pin worth of the game to be played and his airbank account user login details. the epin inserted will be verified on our airbank portal and if confirmed the list of games that comply with the epin value will be presented and, access to only one chosen game will be granted. if the user wishes to play more games he will be required to purchase the “game access” by making payment through his airbank account or inputting another e-pin. also every game played comes with a cash reward that varies based on the difficulty and amount worth of the game. this cash will be remitted to the individuals airbank account only if the user is able to beat the game. the online gaming portal should be able to adapt to a mobile phone environment… meaning the site should be mobile friendly if a user accesses it via a mobile phone. games can be played off a web browser and can be downloaded to mobile phone or pc if user decides. however the user has the option to play for fun (demo mode)or play for cash/money (live mode). the user can play for fun offline as well as online. but playing for money/cash requires user to be online so that game difficulty, activities and conditions can be monitored casino style.

key features of the airbank portal are:
1. sms portal ( enable sending and recieving of sms messages to individuals as they register or make transactions for verification)
2. epin secure database ( where all purchased epin will be properly stored and arranged according to amounts.
3. back-end and front-end interface (front end would be a user friendly website portal that can communicate all our services to clients and properly communicate orders to the backend for execution: the back end will monitor all user details, transaction process and history, communication to and from users, epin records,epin uploading,)
4. client database ( for storing sensitive user data such as passwords,pass codes, user logins, account statements, transfers)
5. automated email responds
6. passcode generators, password generators
7. a platform that can communicate with mobile networks to instruct them to deduct airtime from users account to fund airbank account on users request.
8. hack safe
9. customizable user interface for the front end to meet users needs

A perfect example of what the airbank service should entail is liberty reserve, paypal, e-pin place ….pls make reference to this services as you build the solution. for e-pin place visit “” they offer a similar service also visit “”. we intend to make the airbank web portal as interactive, user friendly, view pleasing and efficient as possible.

also the site it should be made fully customizable for future upgrades or value added services

Key features of gaming portal
1. ability to communicate with airbank portal for information verification (user details, epin codes validity, airbank account and account info validity)
2. interactive back-end and front-end communication (since the games are strictly casino style based games they must conform to casino rules and the back end must be able to control game difficulty at all levels and monitor game activites at all times as the front end gives it minute by minute info on gaming activites.
3. each game must have a cost value and a reward value attached to it that can be changed only by the back-end admin user.
4. front end can be customized by both back end and front end… however front end users have a limit to how far they can customize the layout. for example. front end users can change the arrangement of object layout in their panel but cannot change the colour and font of the ovarall web page layout. back end administrator can change the overall layout, colour, style of the front end and add any other feature relevant in future.
5. game portal includes an interactive chat feature that gamers can use to interact with one another. both on a private and public level
6. gamers can choose to play against the computer or against one another.
7. mobile friendly
8. game search feature
10. player search / invite feature (only players with an airbank account can feature in games but invitations can be sent via mail or sms to a friend.

thank you.

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