Convert Pdf To Web Order For 2

Convert Pdf To Web Order For 2
I would like you to convert a pdf order form to a web-based order form.

The following form (WITHOUT the Quickstart and Publishers Agreement):
has to be turned into a Web-based order form, with the following Admin panel provisions:
– able to edit all the text
– able to change the prices
– add options in the “Add-Ons” area
– have the “tables, interior images, and Final” totals calculated automatically based on inputs and options selected throughout the form = the Final Total is the one that has to be submitted to PayPal via button at the bottom of the form
– when buyer submits form for payment (presses PayPal button), the information from the form gets stored in the database.
– have the “Print Form” tab at the top and at the bottom of the form. The form has to print WITH Quick Start and Publishing Agreement, which text also has to be editable from the admin panel.

Budget is $50 to have the page done according to specifications, and turn around is to be within 3 days.

Please READ project description, and DO NOT bid if you cannot start immediately. Thank you for taking the time to read my project. I appreciate it.

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