Bidrivals Penny Auction

Bidrivals Penny Auction

Please Everything in German because I come from Germany

It will be a live bidding auction site created, similar But will initially only the auction type “fixed price auction” and “1-cent-auction” will be realized. Later, other auction types and functions should be integrated without difficulty.

Please take a look at the page carefully and register there if necessary, to get an overview.

The script (eg php5/sql) must be modular structure so that later, new features and auction types can be easily added. The source code should be clearly written and provided at key points with comments.

Both want to create a fixed price and 1-cent auctions are to be created with a minor amendment.

Attractive design and all other functions as

Short and coarse Specifications:

Design must be better than
– Fixed price auction (somewhat modified, but essentially the same as in
– 1-cent-auction (slightly altered) in the core but equal
– A brief introduction to the user of how the site works
– Appealing item description with photo (s) only
– Counter
User login
– User must accept the terms of registration.
– Categories
– Language As At
– Closing soon auctions immediately in sight
– Ticker of recently sold items
– Extended help page
– Possibility of purchase of Bietpaketen
– Offer Agent (de-/aktivierbar)
– Payment: (payment, GiroPay, PayPal, debit Sorfüberweisung, SMS, etc.)
– A brief overview of the buyer (Savings, etc.)
– Account balances for the user
– Partially animated buttons
– SEO-optimized
– Otherwise similar to

Page Content:
– Terms and Conditions
-Contacts (also available as an image, because of spam)
– Privacy Policy
– About Us
Partner –
ImAdmin – all easily editable area

Admin area:
– Recruitment of virtually all important variables
(eg cost of Cointe and Cointe packets Einstelldauer, auction type for each item, pay the auction price (0%, 10%, 100%, etc.), counters and much more ….
-De-/Aktivierung Users
User Administration () incl Order
– SEO / Keywords
– Conditions (downloadable as pdf)
Easy-listing an item (description, pictures)
– Overview of all items (sales, profit, etc.)
Overview on sold Bietpakete (day-month)
– Administrator Password (changeable)
– Currently active users (display)
– E-mail (newsletter, receiving payments, activation, memory, etc.)
Sales reports (in Excel importable (cvs))
– Configuration page (page name, Metatitel, etc.)
, etc.
– Rest as

The first payment of 40% of the award is made for the supply and installation of a test environment and on our Web site. Pays 60% after delivery and installation of the audited (production) web-site.

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